WORX WG305 Electric Chain Saw, 14-Inch

WORX WG305 Electric Chain Saw, 14-Inch

Product Features

  • Patented auto-tension chain system for extended bar & chain life
  • Powerful 8 amp motor offers a consistent performance
  • Chain lubrication with oil lever indicator
  • Compact and light weight design
  • Oil tank capacity 4 FL oz.
  • Product Description

    The WORX chainsaw is a compact powerhouse. It offers a powerful 8 Amp motor in a lightweight and efficient 14-inch design. This low-maintenance chainsaw has a patented auto-tensioning chain system to help extend the life of the bar and chain. In addition, the automatic, tool-free chain tensioning system and oil level indicator makes it even easier to operate and maintain. This 14-inch compact powerhouse, has a comfortable rubberized over grip handle to improve comfort and stability. The WORX chainsaw is easy to use for light to medium duty trimming, lambing, pruning and clean up around the yard.

    Top customer reviews

    My first electric chain saw and it’s a pleasure working with something so light that will still chew through some wood. Good performing little saw. I’m holding off a 5 star rating primarily because the chain lubrication system is not automatic. To lubricate the chain you need to press a small bulb every so often. I was unaware of this when I purchased the saw, which is of course my fault for not doing my research. For me, it is tempting to release the forward hand hold, in order to press the chain lubricating bulb, while the chain is still spinning. Not a good idea. With this one concern I’m very happy with the rest of the saw and it’s performance.
    I was born on a farm and have been using wpft_posts since I was 9 or 10 years old. As farmers we cut and sold firewood for a living every winter.

    I just used this chainsaw for the first time today. I started about an hour ago and have spent more time fixing the chain than cutting. I have not went more than 3 or 4 minutes without having to adjust the bar or completely remove it to tighten and reinstall the chain.

    Definitely WOULD NOT recommend this saw!
    This saw as purchased as a gift but I own one and love it. No gas miixture to deal with, much less noise to deal with, and it’s powerful enough to take care of any chainsaw needs and requirements around the house. This is very useful little saw. I love it and several other Worx tools I own.
    I used this for the first time today to cut off a limb that went down. I was surprised at how good it is.You are limited by the length of the cord but otherwise it will do anything that the big chain saws will do.
    One hundred percent satisfied. Two hundred percent impressed. Never thought this price saw, would do the job this saw is capable of doing.

    For the price, this is probably the best tool I’ve purchased.
    Solid construction and lightweight. Cuts well and has all the safety protection incorporated into the design. Cut through a 8″ brank in to time flat.
    For small compact chainsaw cutting up to 3 inches works flawlessly. Keep in mind gonna take the blade off clean the housing and the flywheel after each use.
    Nice little chainsaw that gets the job done for the few times I need to use it.

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