VonHaus 4 in 1 Cordless 10.8V Compact Handheld Grass Shears, Hedge Trimmer, Reciprocating Saw and Cultivator – with Wheeled Extension Handle

VonHaus 4 in 1 Cordless 10.8V Compact Handheld Grass Shears, Hedge Trimmer, Reciprocating Saw and Cultivator – with Wheeled Extension Handle

Product Features

  • Tackle a wide range of garden tasks with the versatile VonHaus 4 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer – featuring hedge trimmer, grass shear, cultivator and reciprocating saw attachments
  • Distinctive with its black and orange colourway, the aluminium telescopic handle extends from 29 to 50” – allowing you to reach high branches and low shrubs without difficulty
  • Powered by a rechargeable 10.8V Li-ion battery with a max 1800rpm no load speed, use for up to 30 minutes without needing to recharge
  • Cordless with a soft grip handle – this versatile garden tool offers complete manoeuvrability and ease of use
  • Lightweight at only 4.6lbs and ergonomically designed for comfort, the garden tool is easy to use whatever the task at hand
  • Product Description

    Top customer reviews

    This is the greatest tool since the bread slicer! Powerful! Will not cut a half inch branch, but goes through a 3/8 th inch green branch easily. It was just too hot to wield the old arm killer hedge scissors this summer, so our hedges got out of control. One and a half hours with the VovHaus got them back in shape. The red light was not on when I took it out of the box, so I did NOT charge it. It still has a sufficient charge after today’s use. I plan to continue using it until the red light comes on, AND, only then charge it for 5 hours. The only criticism I have is the annoying need to push the safety switch before each time you pull the trigger. As long as you hold down the trigger, you can release the safety button. But when you release the trigger, you need to push the safety button again before the trigger will pull. I can see their point, like the safety on a machine gun, that button could save UN-intended bloodshed. I would certainly buy it again.

    Part Two, one week later. Last week I trimmed the hedges. The battery finally ran out of juice after 2 hours of intermittent use. The red light never came on, it just would no longer cut. The blades will still cycle a few times, enough to spray on oil to clean and lubricate them. A can of WD-40 goes a long way to clean and protect. The red light did come on while it was charging. At 3 hours the light changed to green and I removed the charger. The instructions say that it needs 5 hours, but I did not want to risk over-charging.

    This week I attacked the overgrown weeds in the flower-bed strip along the fence. The long handle on wheels is a brilliant idea to keep you off of your hands and knees. It is the perfect height for me to use while sitting in my wheelchair. There is one design flaw. There is no lock to secure the cutting tool to the wheel platform. It merely slides in and plugs in to the electrical connection. What I thought was the locking button, secures the long handle to the wheel platform. Hard use of the grass/weed cutter will jar loose the connection from the wheeled platform and you need to push it back in. There is a very small hole in the handle at the rear just below the charging plug-in port. That little hole seems to serve no purpose, so I inserted a thin 8 inch long plastic twist tie and tightened it to the unit. The other end of the tie was wrapped around the long handle platform and twisted tight. Now it stays attached. Problem solved.

    I am amazed at the power of this little guy. Some of these woody weeds were 3/4 inch and bigger. By inserting just the tip of one blade VonHaus nibbled right through them. It seems that IF you can get part of it into the V slot, this machine will cut it. But it will not cut a wire fence. Thankfully I got my finger off the trigger before the blade was damaged. The battery was drained after one hour of continuous use. That may have been because it was running on only a 3 hour charge instead of the instructed 5. I will be ordering more of these to give to yard working friends and relatives. It is one of the few tools this old man is still able to use.

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