Remington RM4522TH 4.5-Amp 22-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer With Titanium Blades

Remington RM4522TH 4.5-Amp 22-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer With Titanium Blades

Product Features

  • This trimmer’s lightweright design and superior balance make it a force to be reckoned with, anywhere in the yard
  • 4.5-amp electric motor and 22-inch titanium-coated dual action blades sever any branch up to 3/4-inch thick
  • In-line design with cushioned grip
  • Includes storage scabbard to cover blade
  • Titanium coated blades maximize durability and cutting performance
  • Product Description

    This hedge trimmer has a 22in.L dual-action cutting blade titanium-coated to stay sharper longer. The 4.5 amp motor propels the blade into action, making cleaner cuts with less vibration than a single blade. 3/4in. cutting capacity. Cushioned grip handle makes work comfortable. Blade Type Dual action, Blade Size in. 22, Cutting Thickness in. 3/4, Blade Material Titanium-bonded steel, Dimensions L x W x H in. 9 1/2 x 12 x 37 5/16, Handle Type Cushion grip, Application Hedge trimmer. Titanium-coated blade stays sharper longer 4.5 amp motor propels makes clean cuts with less vibration than a single blade 3/4in. cutting capacity Cushioned grip handle makes work comfortable

    Top customer reviews

    I have had this hedge trimmer for a year now. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

    LOVE: It does a superb job of cutting my hedges that are very dense and have a lot of thick branches. It is a bear of a job to complete, but this thing cuts through them like butter. After many trims, the blades are still sharp and awesome.

    HATE: It’s really heavy. My arms get tired quickly when I’m reaching or working overhead.

    HATE: Operation requires you to hold in a button on the top handle and then hold in another button on the back handle at the same time, all the time. There is no “continuous operation” switch. Additionally, the pressure required to hold the button is hard to maintain while moving and managing the weight of the trimmer. I wish there was no button on the top handle. It drives me bonkers. I have used a velcro wrap band to help me keep the button depressed while trimming, but it still constantly shuts off all the time because I can’t keep constant pressure on it with my hands.
    First: I’m using this for some tall hedges, and with considerable vertical operation. What I’ve experienced with using

    the Remington RM4522TH hedge trimmer is good overall. However, it is not a beast as some reviews have stated. Second:The power output is good but it appears the blade quality or action is not. I have to MUSCLE through much of the TOP thicker branched hedges (top hedges are thickest) that clearly fit into the tines of the blade as this trimmer seems hesitant to cut them quickly. Third: The front safety switch doesn’t engage cleanly, thereby it’s difficult to keep the trimmer operating. This safety switch has been mentioned on other reviews as a downside to its performance and I agree. Hard to keep trimmer running unless the grip on the switch is just right and tight. Lastly: I see this trimmer’s performance as good but not excellent. My prior BD 22″ trimmer was a beast on these same hedges but the parts were costly and so a replacement hedge trimmer was the answer. Hard to believe it was that good. Purchase cost was the same as this Remington. After several uses, it appears this trimmer is moderately functional, but will it last? That remains the question? Most home owners I know use them only a few times or a few hours a season.
    I’ve been using a Black & Decker trimmer [ about 2.5 amps], and this REMINGTON [at 4.5 amps] is a brute, both in weight, and power [which is what I was looking for]. What it lacks in agility [light weight], it more than makes up for in sheer power, but at a cost. It’s heavy, compared to it’s lesser brother. The smaller B&D could be held with one hand, and it was easy to cut in both horizontal, and vertical plane, since it only has one triggered gripping surface….simply by twisting your wrist. The Remington, on the other hand, has two required grip areas, and BOTH have triggers that need to be held tightly in order for the trimmer to power. If either hand relaxes too much, it stops cutting. What this means is…..that it performs very well, while cutting horizontally [left to right], but…..try to cut vertically [up, and down], and it requires some difficult twisting from the operator. It’s not impossible, but it’s also not easy. I would have given it a [5] FIVE STARS…..if it had some quick shift [rotate 90 degrees] in the “gripping area” to accommodate vertical cuts, but that’s not the case. Oh, well… maybe on the next model if Remington is smart 🙂

    There have been a number of complaints about it not being able to cut thru 5/8″-3/4″ stock. Personally, I didn’t have any issue with that, as it “chewed” through any green branch that would fit within the cutting area [3/4″]. I used the word “CHEW”, because that’s how it cuts the larger branches. It will immediately “cut” through a smaller branch, but the bigger ones require a few moments of “CHEWING”. It also works better if you try to cut/trim thick branches individually, rather that to attack two, or more at one pass. Also, remember to cut a thicker branch, keep the cutting blade at right angle to the branch [90 degrees], and not diagonal. This product will not perform well on dead branches, but you should already know that.
    It’s a nice trimmer. But if you’re handy and like to fix your own power tools when something minor breaks, DON’T buy this as there are NO REPLACEMENT PARTS AVAILABLE! Trust me, I went to the manufacturer (MTD) after much investigation.

    You’ll have to replace the whole enchilada…I warned you.
    I have had it for a few months now and I will say that it cuts VERY well! The blades slice through branches, some very thick, without so much as a hesitation. I did a lot of research before buying this one, as it contains a much more powerful 4.5Amp motor, which seems to perform the same as professional models costing significantly more! Just make sure you buy some good lubricant and keep the blades clean, as I recommend lubricating before and after each use. I hope that it lasts for for years to come!
    This product is awful.. What a waste of money. I have privet hedges on my property and the description says that it will cut up to 3/4 inch. The blade is designed with a 3/4 inch opening but it doesn’t cut anything much thicker than 1/8 inch. Large than that and it just shreds the branch but does not actually cut through it. I have to come back with pruning shears and cut the remaining branches one by one by hand. It also has a dual trigger mechanism that requires both hands to be in a specific place on the device. I assume that this is for safety reasons but it makes it very awkward to use in certain positions. The power cord tail requires that you loop your extension cord thru the trimmer. The loop hangs below the trimmer and catches on the hedges below it when you are trimming the tops of the hedges. You can’t cut in any kind of sweeping motion because you have to stop and reposition the cord loop every 1/2 foot or so. I hope that Amazon will take it back.

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