Pluteck Non Ticking Analog Alarm Clock


Pluteck Non Ticking Analog Alarm Clock with Nightlight and Snooze/Ascending Sound Alarm/Simple to Set Clocks, Battery Powered, Small, Black

  • Completely Silent — Super quiet concise design alarm clock without annoying tick tock sound.
  • Ascending Alarm and Snooze — Ascending four beep alarm volume increases in four stages until the alarm is turned off or snooze bar on top is depressed. The snooze allows the alarm to ring every 5 minutes until switched off.
  • Light and Luminous Hands — One light bulb built in the clock, simply press the top button to activate for night viewing. Luminous hands and dials stay visible a while after the lights are turned off at night.
  • Hard Plastic Casing and Battery Powered — Smaller satin black clock in a high impact plastic case. runs on 1 “AA” Battery (not included ).
  • Size: 3 1/4 inch (H) x 3 inch (W) x 1 5/8 inch (D) ,Not only serve as a desk /bedside / nightstand wake up clock, but also great for travel alarm clock .

Product Description

Competely Silent
Hight quality quartz movement used ensure time is always accurate .
The sweep second hand is completely silent, a plus for light sleepers.
Light On Demand
Press the large top bar in the night and the dial will light for easy viewing in the dark.
Bright enough but never dazzling.
Luminous Hands and dial
If the analog clock is exposed to strong sunlight during the day the luminous hands and dials will glow in darkness for up to 4 hours.

Crescendo Alarms
It features an ascending alarm which gets louder and louder to wake most sleepers .
Four steps classic ascending beep alarm sounds never startle you up from sleep.

5 Minutes Snooze
The snooze allows the alarm to ring every 5 minutes until switched off.
The handy snooze button is large for easily location.


Butch M.
5.0 out of 5 stars FINALLY… A Clock That Does NOT TICK!

January 9, 2017

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

This is a winner! FINALLY, a clock that does not tick. I have reviewed several other battery powered analog clocks. Others have claimed to not tick. However, ONLY this one has actually delivered on that promise.

If you want a clock that does not tick, this is the real deal.

Some of the other things that I like about this clock:
1. There is not some blue light that stays on all night. If I want to see what time it is, I reach over and press the snooze button. The light goes off as soon as I let go. The light also recharges the glow-in-the-dark dots on the hour and minute hands; and at each of the numbered positions on the dial.
2. The alarm is pleasant enough. A simple beep for the first few seconds. Then it steps up to a double-beep, followed a few seconds later by a triple-beep every second for a total of 60 seconds.
3. It has a snooze button. Would you believe that one of the clocks that I looked at did not have a snooze button? Who’d thunk? Well, this one does have a five minute snooze.
4. Smooth scroll second hand. In addition to not ticking, the hand moves smoothly across the dial. One of the clocks that I tested, did not tick. But the second hand kept pausing every few seconds. After two days it was off by an hour. Not this clock. It keeps accurate time.

So that’s it. I did not buy it because it is not the sexiest clock. But after going through four other clocks, I gave in and went with functional. If you don’t care about the ticking, get what you like. But if like me, a ticking sound drives you nuts in the silence of the night, then this clock is for you.

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