Original Natural Charcoal Hardwood Briquettes by 2 X 100% Premium All-Natural Pillow Shaped Charcoals – Lights Easy, Burns Quickly, Adds Extra Flavor To Meats – 100% (7.07 lb.)

Original Natural Charcoal Hardwood Briquettes by 2 X 100% Premium All-Natural Pillow Shaped Charcoals – Lights Easy, Burns Quickly, Adds Extra Flavor To Meats – 100% (7.07 lb.)

Product Features

  • • WHILE OTHER BRIQUETTE CHARCOALS take forever to get lit or burn, smell really bad, and have broken, unusable pieces, Original Natural Charcoal is made from premium charcoal briquettes, can light up quick without a lighter fluid, and produces zero smoke, sparks, and minimum ash. This means you can set up your barbecue in as fast as 10 minutes, serve grilled recipes infused with delicious, smoky, sweet flavor, and leave your friends and family awestruck by your grill mastery.
  • • MADE FROM 100% ALL NATURAL HARDWOOD BRIQUETTES – When you use the Original Natural Charcoal Briquette, the first thing you’ll notice is how easy it burn. It’s so easy, you won’t need a lighter fluid! That’s because we only use 100% hardwood.
  • • NO FILLERS AND ADDITIVES – Want to stay fit and slim by eating foods you enjoy? With the Original Natural Charcoal, it’s possible. These briquettes have no filler and no chemical additives … so you’re safe from cancer-causing carcinogens. You trim off the fat while preserving the flavor of your food.
  • • “CHEF GRADE” BRIQUETTE CHARCOAL DESIGNED FOR PITMASTERS AND BARBECUE LOVERS – Whether you’re competing against the best pitmasters in the world or preparing a sumptuous feast for your loved ones, we guarantee that your barbecue can rival even those in restaurants and high-end diners. We already did the homework for you by investing thousands of hours in perfecting the best charcoal products so you can prepare signature grilled dishes your family will love.
  • • EXCLUSIVE 100% DELICIOUS GUARANTEE – Every bag of Original Natural Charcoal comes with our exclusive 100% DELICIOUS Guarantee. If your hickory-smoked beef and pork ribs fail to send your family or friends to food heaven, let us know within 30 days for a complete 100% refund, no questions asked.
  • Product Description

    Discover Why Pitmasters Are Switching To Original Natural Charcoal For Cook Offs Or Weekend Backyard Grillings … And Why You Should Too! It’s true… Pitmasters and grillers are discovering why Original Natural Charcoal is the best charcoal briquette. Here’s why: All The Steak And Sizzle At An Affordable Price Other brands sell the sizzle, but not the steak. Fortunately, your search is over because The Original Natural Charcoal Briquettes provides you with mouthwatering steaks, burgers, and rib eyes at an affordable price. That’s because we only use 100% premium quality hardwood. No additives, no fillers, and no chemicals. And using Original Natural Charcoal Briquettes adds a smoky flavor no other spices can match. It’s so good, your guests will start to wonder what types herbs you put on your BBQ. A Tasty Marinate of Quality and Quantity Every bag that comes out of our facility undergoes strict quality control so you can serve a sumptuous grilled feast for your family’s indulgence. So not only you’re feasting on delectable grilled recipes, you’re nourishing your body with healthy, fat-free meals. Why Choose Original Natural Charcoal Briquette? ? 100% Natural Hardwood Briquette Charcoals ? No Smoke, No Sparks, and Low Ash ? Lights Easy, Burns Quickly, Adds Extra Flavor To Meats ? Fast Amazon Prime Shipping ? Exclusive 100% Delicious Guarantee Every bag of Original Natural Charcoal comes with our exclusive 100% DELICIOUS Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with how delicious your BBQ is, let us know within 30 days for a 100% refund. Limited Quantity Available at 10% off! Order a bag of Original Natural Charcoal Today and Discover Why Our Customers Are Super Pumped

    Top customer reviews

    Have used this charcoal once in my smoker. It holds a fire longer than the other brands. I like the idea of being chemical free. However, it costs a little more. Good product.
    good stuff !
    Used my briquettes for the first time yesterday. I must say they are head and shoulders above the briquettes I normally get at the grocery store. They were easy to light, had a nice aroma and lasted so long that I cooked some extra stuff for later in the week just so I wouldn’t waste them. Best thing is I used a chimney with a couple of sheets of newsprint to get them going so no toxic lighter fluid taste or smell. Also noticed these have way less ash than the standard briquettes. Will definitely buy these again!!!
    I have been using ONC Briquettes for the past several months and have been very pleased. I have used a well known competitive brand for many years and it was tough to get interested in using something different. But, I did give it a try and was very surprised! The briquettes are lighter, burn longer, burn cleaner with a good clean smell and adds a pleasant smell and taste to the meats I cook. The unique blend of woods contained in this charcoal really make me feel more comfortable that I am not exposing myself and family to foreign agents that could be harmful to our health. That was the primary reason I started to use this charcoal after comparing it to what I had been using.
    This is hands down the best briquette on the market. If you like using high quality product then this is for you. It burns hotter and cleaner than kingsford and uses all natural binders. I love the flavor it imparts on my food. Highly recommended
    This is my second order of ONC briquettes…5 stars all around, from ordering to shipping to lighting and burning. Highly recommended. This is without a doubt the best natural briquette I’ve ever used and can’t wait to load up my smoker again with these…the results are amazing.

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