Original Instant Disposable Charcoal Grill On-the-Go Ready to Use by EZGrill Regular Size -2 Pack

Original Instant Disposable Charcoal Grill On-the-Go Ready to Use by EZGrill Regular Size -2 Pack

Product Features

  • Great charbroiled taste with no nasty fuel residue on food
  • Lights with one match
  • Cooks for at least 1-1/2 hours
  • 100% Natural Charcoal
  • Product Description

    With EZ Grill you can now have great tasting grilled food without the mess and hassle of using a large grill. Avoid having to use those clunky portable grills or the unsanitary grills at a park. EZ Grill also contains 100% natural charcoal unlike other brands that use charcoal with added chemicals that can then get into your food. Since EZ Grill is portable;disposable and convenient it’s ideal for any occasion;even at home in your own backyard. Grilling has never been easier. With EZ Grill everything you need to create a tasty meal is there;all you need to do is provide the matches and decide what to grill. By following a few simple steps you will be ready to grill in no time. EZ Grill includes everything you need for fast;easy grilling.

    Top customer reviews

    This is my second time buying a disposable grill, and I still have nothing but positive to say! These grills are perfect for hot dogs, burgers and corn. You can also do boneless chicken if not too thick. Here’s the step they don’t include in the instructions: PATIENCE! It’s not as fast as your traditional grill, but it gets the job done!
    I just took a trip to Norway and saw these everywhere. I can’t believe that we Americans haven’t caught on yet!

    This made grilling at the beach amazingly easy. With the price being so low, I had some concerns, but I had no problems whatsoever. The lighting mechanism is surprisingly effective — it is some sort of mineral oil-coated paper that surrounds and contains the coals, which also prevents them from shifting too much in transit.

    Once lit, it remained usable for approximately the amount of time listed on the package, 1.5 hours. It even came with a flipper, though I brought my own.

    When you’re done, pour a bottle of water on it, throw it away, and you’re done. So easy!
    This is the second year I’ve used these for camping with the grandkids. It’s just

    me and them so I like to keep things simple, so I can enjoy the holiday too. The

    price is right, they burn for the perfect amount of time for burgers, chicken and

    for heating precooked baby back ribs. And clean up? NONE! just let the coals

    burn out, dump them in the fire pit or pour water over them to be certain they’re

    completely out cold, then throw it in the garbage! EasyPeasy I love it!!
    I purchased these to use cook out at the beach/ park. (FL state beach park, with dedicated barbeque areas, and barbeque stands). The grills’ are well packed and instructions are idiot proof. I placed the grill on the included grill stand, and then placed it on the barbeque stand at the park. The grill is easy to set up and easy to light. The flames died down after about 20-25 minutes, (not the +- 15 minutes as the package states) due to a slight breeze. (Many people at the beach/ park commented on the grill. They were intrigued, and inquisitive.)

    The charcoal is difficult to spread out evenly once the bags have burnt out. The charcoal tends to stay in two large clumps, and cooking must be done on these two areas. It would be difficult to cook for more than 4 people, as the grill is probably only good for about 1 hour of cooking. Burgers and hot dogs are probably best, as thick steaks and chicken would need more time and more heat.

    I would recommend these as a great alternative to carrying charcoal or a portable grill to the park. Clean up is very easy, and for the price these are a big win! I do think the smaller version MAY be better for up to three people. Enjoy the graze!!
    I bought this pack to grill meat for my son’s birthday. I use it in a small balcony out of my apartment. I was impressed with the results and how easy it is to use. I think I will never buy one of those big grills in my life. This is all I need to have a small party. I used two grills for my son’s birthday party, and the steaks were flavorful and well cooked. Highly highly recommended.
    I purchased the 5 pack and have used 4 of these so far. I’m an avid tailgater so portable disposable grills seemed like the answer to so many tailgating issues. I can say that 2 of the 4 worked perfectly. The 3rd one felt like it lost the heat quick but i was able to cook one round of food on it successfully. The 4th one lit up fine, but the coals never got hot enough to cook our food thoroughly. Possibly some product defects? (or) Could it be the fact that the plastic shell on them is easy to tear and could have lost much of the flammable solution over time? Hmmmm…


    1) It always fires up quick so you will never have a problem lighting it up.

    2) It’s easy and disposable; will be disposable about 2-3 hours after lighting.

    3) Ideal for one round of cooking for a small group (1-4 people)


    1) Fatty foods will cause coals to go out quick

    2) You will not be able to cook more than 1 round of food on it without drastic reduction in heat and cooking time.

    3) The aluminum shell is pretty weak and folds in on itself; especially after cooking the first round of food.

    4) Will not function for larger group cooking (5+ people)

    Overall, for a quick tailgate for 2-4 people, this would be ideal. You can cook one round of meats (6 burgers + hot dogs) just fine. However, due to the inconsistencies of my experiences, I would bring two just in case one doesn’t work. If you are cooking for a group of people of 5 or more and plan on cooking more than one round of food, definitively, find another solution. Nothing is worse than slow cooking food on a grill that is caving in on itself after the 1st round of food. Good Luck and Happy Grilling!
    we kept it in our trailer for spontaneous grilling without having to carry grill, charcoal etc….does two medium steaks nicely…little bit crowded for three but we managed….put it on a fire pit to use since the legs might be a bit wobbly for a table and didn’t want to have it move around or burn a picnic table….don’t think we’d use it on the ground in case it flipped or got turned over but on a campground stable pit or grill it’s great….will do again
    Going on a road trip with a few of my buddies, we were really excited to bring these grills along with us to make your standard burgers, hot dogs, and chicken. Although the concept is very good for people traveling on the road that are trying to grill while being efficient about space for the grill and the cleanup, the grill simply does not do a good job of cooking food on it. The foil pans each come with about 10 coals and cannot even cover the entire surface of the pan. They also do not light well with the igniting paper leaving about half of the coals unlit.

    I recommend anyone looking to grill with these factors in mind to purchase a better designed grill if they care about their food actually being grilled.

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