iGuerburn Talking Day Clock

  • ❥ Loud Talking Function – This talking alarm day clock can speak and display 6 different languages making it easier to use and understand for everyone.
  • ❥ Multipurpose Support – Along with general convenience, speaking calendars also support kids, seniors or those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or blindness.
  • ❥ Expanded Alarm Listing – This digital timepiece can hold up to 8 unique alarms for specific events, medication reminders, or work schedules.
  • ❥ Adjustable Brightness, Vibrant Screen – The touchscreen can swap between four unique background colors and fonts and two, time formats for a beautiful, easy-to-read display mode specific to you.
  • ❥ Digital Photo Frame – Along with reading times aloud, our talking digital clock can store SD, MS, or MMC cards with photos to keep users happy and focused.

Product Description

Make Keeping Track of Days, Times, and Schedules Easier with a Talking Alarm Clock from iGuerburn.

Staying ahead of your schedule can be challenging for even the most organized people; and it can be downright terrible if you suffer from memory loss, dementia, blindness, or Alzheimer’s. That’s why we created the multipurpose iGuerburn Digital Talking Clock that helps give you an audible reminder up to 8 times a day to accomplish your goals, take your medicine, and stay on top of all the other things that need to be done.

Product Details:

Talking Digital Clock
2 Display Modes
Vibrant Touchscreen
Easy to Read Numbers and Letters (All capital letter, No abbreviations)
Customized Display Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, or All Day
Large 8” Display
Time Setting Memory (Power Failure Safety)
12-Hour or 24-Hour Settings
Audio and Text in 6 Languages
Brightness and Voice Volume Adjustable
Patent Protected Unique Design

Easier Life for Elderly
8″ Large Display Large Letters

Talking Function
The audible function is easy to hear and understandable in six total languages, making it good for people of all cultures. The volume can also be changed to suit your comfort level, especially if you have guests or others in the room.

Day Display Modes
This function allows different users to set their preferred start of the part of the day. For example, some determine 7am as the start of morning; others may prefer 6am as the start. Same applies to other parts of the day.
This function can also be turned off if a user does not want it to be shown on the clock display.

Medication Reminder
The versatile alarm system lets you set multiple alarms throughout the day, so you can prepare for morning, evening, appointments, kids getting out of school, and more

Truly Supports Daily Lives

4 Background & Font Color

The bright, vibrant backgrounds can be changed to improve visual acuity or personal taste by switching between blue, red, white, or black.

Note: Don’t set the same color for the background and font, or the screen will display blank

Digital Photo Frame

More than a clock, you can help keep memories strong by storing important photos of friends or family, so they can be seen right on the vibrant screen.

Try it with a USB stick or a SD/MS/MMC card with images stored

Great Gift Idea

Great for the elderly, parents, seniors, mother or father in low, especially for those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Vision Impairment and Memory Loss.

Also for kids, to learn to read and speak the time and date


Top customer reviews

Karen Flick
3.0 out of 5 stars Touch screen functions

February 14, 2018

Color: White|Verified Purchase

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