Husqvarna 450E 18″ 50.2cc 967651102 Fully Assembled Gas-Powered Chain Saw

Husqvarna 450E 18″ 50.2cc 967651102 Fully Assembled Gas-Powered Chain Saw

Product Features

  • 50.2cc, 3.2 HP engine with transparent fuel indicator makes it easy to check fuel level
  • 18″ Bar with side-mounted chain tensioner, .325 pitch .050 gauge
  • Smart start – the engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.
  • System designed to reduce vibration levels to the operator, which lessens fatigue.
  • Air injection – centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger Dust and debris Particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter Cleanings and improved engine life.
  • Product Description

    The new powerful 450E Rancher series chainsaw is an all-round saw for people who value professional qualities in a saw. The x-torque engine means lower fuel consumption & reduced emission levels. Auto return stop switch & visible fuel level makes the saw easier to handle. Equipped with smart start & fuel pump to every time ensure easy starts.

    Top customer reviews

    This saw starts right up, every time. I’ve gone through the first few tanks of fuel and this saw is great. The factory chain is ok. Cuts through seasoned Ash pretty well, for an anti-kickback chain. I will be replacing the chain with a more aggressive one. I will update this review if anything changes.
    Very disappointed…I did my research as to what i wanted prior to purchase. Not only no tool-less chain adjuster, it is not shipped with anything but paper packing in an aftermarket cardboard box… no tool for adjustments, no owners manual or paperwork of any kind and no factory Box. Its basically a 450 without anything that would typically go with it.

    Lesson learned :/
    I love this saw. I’ve now cut up four large trees, primarily oak and beach, and am blown away by the performance. My only regret is that I did not have a higher quality saw like this many years ago. It starts right up and powers through the kind of large cuts that I used to dread. I took down a huge oak last year and am now convinced that I could have reduced my cutting time by at least 50%. With no apprehension, I recommend this saw.
    For some reason I liked Husqvana brand. I had Husqvana snow blower, trimmer, blower and this chain saw.

    We had a down tree at the back yard that I decided to buy this chain saw that I had planned for years for a good reason.

    My wife used it to cut a small tree. It worked well by then. I could not start it a week later no matter how hard I tried.

    We had to have it repaired which took 4 weeks and 4 trips (it is under warranty). They could not figure out what was wrong with it.

    It finally work after they replace the whole pulley part taken from a brand new chain saw.

    It is now works perfectly per my wife. I still did not have a chance to use it. I’ll update when I use it later.

    I gave it a 2-star for all the trouble it cost me. Shouldn’t work well without problem?
    Really like this chain saw. I’ve owned 4 or 5 over the last 30 years. I love that it’s easy to start. It cuts well. Using it mainly to cut up firewood. It would be nice if it came with a carrying case.
    This saw is the worst product we have ever purchased on amazon. We have used it for less than three hours and it has done nothing but leak everywhere and is completely unusable now. A wast of $400!!
    Does Husqvarna mean quality in Swedish? Last one lasted me 10 years. Delivered fully assembled. Fill it with 2-stroke mixture, start it up and go to work.

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