Earthwise 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer

Product Features

  • Rotating adjustable pole cutting head – six angles
  • Rotating adjustable pole cutting head – six angles
  • Two tools in one. Hedge trimmer and pole Hedge trimmer
  • Includes protective blade cover and shoulder support strap
  • Product Description

    The Earthwise 18″ corded Convertible pole hedge trimmer is two tools in one. A pole hedge trimmer extends for pruning & trimming taller shrubs & plants. Then you can easily convert it with a click of a button to a handheld 18″ cutting blade hedge trimmer. It also features an adjustable cutting head with six positions for easy manicuring of those hard-to-reach areas. This convenient tool is perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner to save money with two tools in one. An ideal tool to keep your hedges looking great. No gas, no fumes, no mess. Earthwise is the clean air choice!

    Top customer reviews

    First off, its way heavier than I expected. I had trouble holding it up on the pole for more than 1 minute. Second, the On/Off Lock button is real small and placed so you push with your thumb (for a right handed person). A lefty is going to have serious problems. But even though I am right handed, when trimming a bush, I use a number of different hand positions to match the contour of the shrub I’m trimming. I’m already thinking about how to defeat the button and disarm it. It is just not big enough nor well placed. Third, the cutting teeth are about 1 1/2 to 2 inches back from the tip of the bar. I have several bushes that grow right to the ground, and I had a real hard time getting to the bottom. Fourth, the trigger handle is very sensitive. A number of times (after going through gymnastics to hit the lock and get it running), the machine would stop and I’d have to release the trigger and repress the lock). Using it is an effort in futility and turns a simple task into a labor of pain.

    Overall, well made, but NOT WELL DESIGNED! Unless you really need a pole trimmer, save your money.
    Bought this extendable electric hedge trimmer to use on my large and wide hedges (azaleas & camellias12-15 ft across and more than 6 ft high). The extension pole length is 36” closed; 45” extended. The overall length with trimmer attached is 80”. The center of balance when fully assembled is right behind the black guard at the front of the extension pole making it very front heavy.

    Overall weight is 9.8 lbs, which doesn’t seem like a great deal, but most of that weight is in the electric motor in the head. This makes it tiring to hold out fully extended for any length of time—if you can, that is. Hold a gallon of milk (7.5 lbs) out at arms length for a while and you’ll get the idea quickly. If you have wide hedges like I do this is a job done in short doses. Balancing it on the top of my ladder helped some but not enough. Even holding it out at full extension, there were shrub tips I couldn’t reach while trying to hold the trimmer steady.

    It cuts great as a regular trimmer but I found using the extension pole unwieldy. I really hoped it would solve my long-reach shrub trimming problems, or—at least—make the job easier. It didn’t. It’s just too heavy. I would have liked to give it a 3 or 4 star review but can’t. Returned for full refund.
    Let me get right to the nitty-gritty of this trimmer before I start blabbering:

    1. It’s heavy. It’s 9 pounds according to my 
    Feedback Sports Bike Scale. -**BUT**- it gets worse: the weight is concentrated at the end of the pole, and when fully extended, I’m supporting 16 pounds at the furthest hand position of the grip (that would be the fat foam-padded portion of the pole just to the right of the green collar, as pictured in the Amazon product image) when I’m holding the trimmer straight out sideways. Compare that weight to an 8 pound gallon jug of milk.

    — However — I don’t find myself holding the trimmer steady in this horizontally-oriented position. More often than not, it’s oriented upward, where the leverage doesn’t have such a great multiplier effect. This means the trimmer’s weight reduces down closer to 9 pounds (when it’s held vertically), and can be supported by both arms. Nevertheless, my left arm feels it at the end of a session.

    2. It’s short. Basically, as measured from that outermost grip position, the cutting blades extend from 40 inches to 56 inches as measured from the end of my fist. So basically, if I hold my hand and arm above my head (like Luke Skywalker holding his lightsaber in that classic movie poster), I can reach anything up to 56-inches (or about 4½ feet) above my fist. At 6-feet tall, that means I can hit the tops of hedges in the 12-foot range.

    3. The blade is short. Earthwise claims 18 inches. I measure just short of 16.

    With all that out on the table, in a nutshell, this thing is just short of great. The price, the reach, the apparent build quality — they all make for a very capable hedge trimmer. The hand trigger slides off the pole mount and clicks in to the trimmer body to make for a non-pole trimmer, so it really is two trimmers in one.

    The pole assembly retracts just over 12 inches in total length, allowing me to shorten the reach, and in turn reduce the amount of weight my extended arm needs to support by a not insignificant 2½ pounds. The pole also allows me to rotate the trimmer head/blade 90° “down”, or 60° “up,” for a total of 6 positions in 30° increments. The 90° position allows me to “blind top” my hedges, aka cutting their tops flat with my feet firmly on the ground (or on a short ladder), but of course without actually being able to see what I’m cutting (since the blade is bent over the top). I’m not quite sure what the 60° back/up position is for, unless I had some shrubbery to top that was lower than me, aka “metal detector style.”

    The friction lock collar on the pole isn’t the greatest: it’s large and therefore easy to turn, but has no positive stops, so I’ve unscrewed it too far a couple of times. The pole slides with a healthy amount of friction, so I have to yank on it quite a bit to extend/retract it. It was a little troubling (and confusing) when it was new, but now that I’m used to — and possibly since it’s been broken in a bit — I at least know what to expect and don’t find this overly troubling.

    In operation, it’s no louder than any other electric hedge trimmer, though I do find that it emits a slightly annoying high pitched whine. Hearing protection would address this, but I don’t find it loud enough to absolutely require it.

    The trigger is hit or miss. There’s a thumb-operated trigger lock, which is right-hand friendly but not so much so for lefties. The 4-finger trigger is on/off (not variable speed), and while it’s pretty good, it could use either just a little more throw, or a slightly bigger grip, because I find it easy to “forget about it” and decrease my squeeze, losing power to the trimmer and sometimes requiring me to re-engage the trigger lock. It doesn’t require a hard squeeze in terms of spring resistance, but just to keep it engaged in the “on” position. I suspect if I had smaller hands, this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

    The blades seem sharp enough. I have a pretty easy front yard to care for with a 10 to 12 foot tall hedge that’s only maybe 20 feet in total length. I don’t really need a pole trimmer for this application, since I can knock them back with a standard hedge trimmer, an extension ladder, and just three ladder position changes. But this trimmer makes is so quick and effortless — without dragging out a ladder and setting it up on sloped ground and steps — that I’m happy to have this tool.

    The trimmer comes in two pieces with basically “click to lock” assembly required. The blade has a plastic sleeve that slides on to protect it when not in use. The short cord has a shroud around the two prongs to prevent them from being stepped on and bent, and the cord is just long enough knot together with an extension cord to prevent it from inadvertently pulling out.

    I actually resisted buying this trimmer due to the weight complaints in so many reviews, but came back to it a few weeks later with the rationalization that, even if it was heavy lifting, it would surely be less laborious than carrying my ladder around to do the job. Turns out, this was correct. I’m happy to own it.

     I was looking for an electric trimmer that was reasonably priced. The gas trimmers were a little too pricy for me and I was not interested in a battery version. I have a battery trimmer and although was OK but did not last and constantly had to wait for it to charge. I didn’t want to spend hundreds on a gas trimmer. This trimmer is better for the environment and you don’t have to maintain a engine or mix fuel etc.

    Here is a review of the EarthwIse Electric Trimmer and so far I am impressed and like the unit.

    David Tucker gave a great review, I am complimenting his video with the unboxing of the unit and talking a bit about the unit and a quick demo of the unit in action. The unit is heavy when extended, but don’t let that stop you from buying this well designed and well thought out 2 in 1 unit. You probably won’t find another electric trimmer out there, I didn’t find any, but surely one that doesn’t convert into a standard trimmer as well. Most trimmers will not do this, so you can only use it as a pole trimmer.

    Most of the time you won’t be using this unit horizontally but if you do, you probably want to look at a gas or battery operated unit.

    I like the unit and glad I bought it.

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