Cedar Trail Original Compact Outdoor Portable Barbeque & Folding Stowaway Foldable BBQ Charcoal Grill

Cedar Trail Original Compact Outdoor Portable Barbeque & Folding Stowaway Foldable BBQ Charcoal Grill

Product Features

  • compact, slim line design
  • 216 Square inches of grilling space
  • Constructed of high heat resistant painted steel
  • Simple two-step set up
  • Stands at 12-inches tall fold flat to one inch in seconds
  • Product Description

    This folding portable charcoal Grill from Cedar Trail features a compact, easy to assemble, slim line design in durable high heat resistant painted steel. The clever design allows this unit to stand 12-inch for use and then fold flat to one inch in seconds. Prepare your barbecue-style favorites and easily fold it all up when you?re done. Make grilling effortless with the Cedar Trail Grill. The grill includes a chrome-plated cooking grate that measures 18 by 12 inches, plus a charcoal grate, both of which store conveniently inside the folded grill. You can take the BBQ wherever you want to go.

    Top customer reviews

    We love this product! It is very handy. My husband and I love having picnic whenever the weather is nice. We always keep this product in our car. If you clean it up after each use, it will last long.
    This is very compact and easy to use, but after purchasing it on Amazon, my friend bought her’s for almost half the price at Smart&Final.
    It’s small and portable works great simple and easy to assemble . Use it out on my balcony .
    Mine came with a one piece cooking grate that won’t fold up. The product I got doesn’t match the one on the box it came in either. I assume that’s why the cooking grates won’t stay inside when it’s folded.. There is nothing to keep them from sliding out the bottom. Also, instructions are terrible and there is no customer service information to ask any questions. There are a multitude of grills like this for sale. I’d try a different one than this.
    great for camping/picnics – if it gets banged up, throw it away; inexpensive
    it’s the best.

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